The advantage of joining us is the size of your pay check

Pacific Realty Center is a unique real estate company that is a hybrid between a traditional broker and a 100% commission virtual office. By joining Pacific Realty Center you get to keep 100% of your commission along with the benefit of a well appointed office, complete with conference rooms, work stations, telephones and computers. The good news is that you don’t have to pay for these amenities. We charge no desk fees or any other hidden fees. The only thing you pay for is $495 per closed transaction and $135.00 risk management fee. How often can you truly say you’ve been given the best of both worlds? With Pacific Realty Center you can say it and believe it.

Maximize your earnings today and start growing your business tomorrow. We don’t charge start-up fees or monthly fees. This makes Joining Pacific Realty Center a no risk proposition.

 Cost Comparison : Pacific Realty Center  vs. Traditional Brokers
   Traditional Broker 80% Commission Split  Traditional Broker 65% Commission Split  Pacific Realty Center 100% Commission
 selling price  $500,000  $500,000  $500,000
 Gross Commission (assuming 3%)  $15,000  $15,000  $15,000
 Franchise fee  8.00%  8.00%  0%
 Agent commission  80%  65%  100%
 Risk Management fee:  $135  $135  $135
 Transaction Fee  $0.00  $0.00  $495
 Total commission to agent:  $10,905.00  $8,835.00  $14,370.00
  Agent's Bonus Commission  Make More W/ PRC
 Make More W/ PRC
 Pacific Realty Center is the Clear Choice!!


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