Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why should  I join Pacific Realty Center?

    Because you work hard for your money and you should get as much of it as possible. This philosophy is the driving force behind Pacific Realty Center.
  • How much will it cost to join Pacific Realty Center?

    Absolutely nothing!  There are no hidden fees or costs.

  • What is the total charge per closed transaction?

    You will pay $495.00 per closed transaction and $135 per closed transaction risk management fee.

  • Is there a minimum sales quota required with Pacific Realty Center?

    You can close one transaction a year or a hundred transactions, it’s up to you. The fee is the same regardless of how many you close.

  • Can I negotiate sales commission with my clients?

    Yes.  You have complete control over what commission you wish to charge you clients.

  • How do I get broker support?

    Broker assistance is available Monday thru Friday, 8:30AM to 5:00PM. You may contact the broker by phone,626-373-1670 or e-mail,

  • Do you provide office space and or conference rooms?

    Yes! You can use our conference rooms to meet you clients. You also have full access to our workstations if you wish to work out of the office. There is no charge to use the office, computers or  telephones to conduct business.

  • How about signs and business cards.

    You can purchase marketing materials from any supplier you choose, but all material must have Pacific Realty Center’s trademark logo.

  • How can I join Pacific  Realty Center?

    Click here to follow our easy application process.

  • Do you have required floor time or office meetings?

    We do not require floor time, nor do we require you to attend office meetings.
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