Pacific Realty Center provides you tools to generate an endless supply of buyer leads:

Sign RiderInteractive Voice Response (IVR):

Automated property information system works like a 24 hr a day open house.  Interested buyers call your Toll Free Number to request information about a property.  The call is answered by the system.  Caller has the option to listen to more information about property, or directly connect to you for a showing appointment.  Very effective property marketing system and buyer lead generation.

SMS System

Text Message System:

Interested buyer  sends a Text Message to the Short Code provided.  An SMS TXT Flyer is automatically sent to caller, along with your contact information.  Caller information is forwarded to you for follow-up.


Listing Syndication:

Your Listing information will be automatically syndicated to the most important online real estate sites.  There is nothing for you to do! This happens automatically as soon as you import the property information into the marketing system.  This is a powerful listing tool and an excellent buyer lead generator.

CraigslistCraigslist Posting Manager:

Post Rich HTML flyer to Craigslist.  The post looks like a property website.  System tracks your posts and renews expired listings.  This system is a powerful way to market properties and generate buyer leads.


virtual Tours




indenterVirtual Tours:

Create visually stunning virtual tours for your listings.  System can accommodate unlimited number of Large photos, and automatically build your property virtual tour.


Featured ToursVirtual Tour Syndication:

Leverage the power of virtual tour to generate more traffic to your listings.  Upload your MLS Compliant virtual tours to REALTOR.COM and other real estate portals with ONE CLICK

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